How the Dolls are Made

As a young girl, I always loved playing with dolls. Many, many years later, I get to play with dolls again. A friend of mine introduced me to Art Dolls by showing me a doll she had made. It was the most awesome doll I had ever seen. I knew I had to make one, too.
My first step is to start looking through all my stashes; fabrics, yarn, beads, fiberfill, old jewelry, anything and everything in my studio, to find the perfect materials to make one.
Next is to sew her body, hands, and feet together and stuff it with a poly-fiberfill. I put a Chenille wire into her fingers so that you can pose her hands to hold onto things.
After all body parts are prepared, she is sewn together. Buttons are used to allow her arms and legs to move freely.
It’s time to paint her face. I use acrylic and fabric paints for that. She is really coming to life now. After her face is painted, glittered, and sealed with a fixative, it is attached to her body. Her hair is added on using anything from yarn, tulle, unrefined sheep’s wool (natural and colored), fabric, ribbons, and more.
Now to make her cloths, I don’t use any premade patterns for that.
Lastly, it’s time to decorate her. If I can’t find or don’t have the right accessories for her, I make them out of a bakeable clay. She has now come alive and is bursting with personality.
All of my dolls are “One of a Kind” and are ready to go to a new home.